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SonAmy Stamp by SparklesTheStarFox SonAmy Stamp by SparklesTheStarFox
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SonicZeldaFangirl Featured By Owner Dec 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
cute,but I prefer sonally! :3
Aleksandae Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2014
You guys do know sonamy is canon.Sonamy is like religion. Sonic = Adam Amy = Eve and Sega = god.

1) For those of you who don't know already? Amy didn't actually originate from the games. She first appeared in the Japanese Manga… She wasn't pink in the manga. Instead she was blonde. She was the girlfriend of Nicky whose alter ego is Sonic. Nicky was often jealous of Sonic (he didn't know he really was Sonic himself the whole time) because Amy seemed to like Sonic more. Tails also appeared in this manga too as Sonic's best friend.

2) When Sonic CD was in development. Amy was brought into the games as the first female and only female for a while. Sega and Sonic Team wanted a girl for Sonic so they put her in the game. They redesigned her to be Pink instead of Blonde. Another hint right there. Sonic is blue while Amy is Pink! Blue and Pink is a symbol of boyfriend and girlfriend. If Sega didn't want Sonic to have a girl? Why did they bring Amy in the games? They didn't have to do that. But they wanted to so they did it. Plus why did they make Amy pink? They must have been a complete accident if they didn't want her to be with Sonic?

3) Amy was CLEARLY designed to be in love with Sonic. Not Shadow or Silver. Shadamy and Silvamy are fan made. Amy only loves Sonic and is loyal to him. Also note that Amy Rose in Japanese is a play on love. Which Amy is nickname for love while Rose is a beautiful flower symbolizing love.

4) Why did Amy appear in almost every Sonic game since CD? That means they favorite over any other female in Sonic. Like I said earlier? They really didn't want a girl for Sonic if they make her appear in almost every game. She has even been in more games than Knuckles!

5) Why is Amy the ONLY female hedgehog and the only female for a while in Sonic? Again they must have done that on accident if they didn't want Sonic to have a girl.

6) In Sonic Adventure, when you first run into Amy at the Casino. Amy appears before Sonic and he backs away and stutters. MAJOR HINT right there. Why was he talking l...l...ike....this? He would not have done that he really didn't like her.

7) In that same scene, Sonic was teasing Amy a bit by refusing to help "Birdie". A boy teasing a girl is a sign that he secretly likes her.

8) The scene after that WHY IN SAM HILL WAS SONIC WALKING WITH AMY TOGETHER BY TWINKLE PARK!?… That proves than when Sonic ran away in the previous scene he was only bluffing!

9) Cute Couples get in free. They did didn't they? Plus why is there a love themed park there anyway? I thought they DIDN'T want Sonic to be with Amy?

10) In Sonic Adventure 2, why did Amy go all the way to Prison Island to rescue Sonic? Without Tails or ANYONE ELSE taking her there!

11) Amy only hugged Shadow because she thought he was Sonic. Everyone mistook Shadow for Sonic in the game. Other wise the plot of the game would be different.

12) Amy was ONLY teasing Sonic by asking him "If I tell you would you marry me?" She was gonna release anyway. Sonic was also bluffing again when he said "No way!!" Amy didn't take this seriously and released him. She was only enjoying the fact that she had the key to his freedom!

13) Why was Sonic so worried when Amy was being held at gunpoint by Eggman on the Space Colony Ark? I thought he didn't like her?

14) When Sonic comes to rescue Amy. Eggman holds Amy for Ransom telling him to hand over the Emerald and then we can talk about your "girlfriend." HA! Sonic didn't even deny it! Nor did he argue back or had any kind of reaction!

15) In the same scene, Eggman captured Sonic in the capsule. Sonic tells Tails that he is counting on him. Then he says to Amy, "And Amy.....Take care of yourself." Notice his voice got softer and he paused for a moment. Amy cries badly when the capsule explodes, devastated that the love of her life is dead, supposedly.

16) When Knuckles caught an dazed Sonic. He told Knuckles that he was worried about Tails AND AMY and told him to help them.

17) In the ending of Sonic Adventure 2, Sonic is quite saddened by the death of Shadow. Looking out the window. Amy comforts him asking him if there is something wrong? He pauses for a moment then replies back and says its nothing. Telling her let's go home to the planet as blue as me! Giving her a thumbs up! Sonic doesn't want Amy to know that he is really sad about Shadow. The fact that Amy when out of her way and comfort him proves she really does love him.

18) In the Sonic Heroes Manual take a look at this? Read the very last sentence under Amy's description.…MAJOR HINT RIGHT THERE!

19) In Team Sonic's story, when they run into Team Rose. Sonic is surprised to see Amy. He would have NO reaction if he didn't like Amy.

20) During the Team Rose Battle, Knuckles says this quote, "Are you playing with that girl's heart again Sonic?"

21) In Team Sonic's ending, look VERY CLOSELY at Sonic expression when Amy begins chasing him? He is running and smiling! Also notice that he is not running at full speed. Trust me Sonic can run WAAAAAAAAYYY faster than that. Amy is right behind him! This means again that he is only bluffing.

22) In the Final Story Amy didn't want Sonic face Metal Sonic alone. She was worried about him because she loves him.

23) In the ending again he is not running at full speed, Tails is following him too.

24)… Read this quote from Yuji Naka. This was the real thing word from word. The question was will Sonic and Amy ever get married. That's right people marriage. The whole question was about marriage ONLY. All he said was "He thinks that Sonic won't likely get married to Amy and have kids." He NEVER said Sonic can't be in love or date Amy. Because later on he ACTUALLY WAS SUPPOSED TO GO ON A DATE WITH HER! Of course, haters very often twist this quote and say that Sonic can't be in love at all and he hates her. That is 100% false. The quote only mentioned marriage people! Sonic can tell be in love with Amy and NOT get married. This is quite common actually for couples to be in love with each other very much and not get married. My aunt isn't married to her boyfriend and has kids. Sonic and Amy can still fall in love and date because remember they supposed to be on a date. Also keep in mind that Yuji Naka no longer works at Sega since he left in 2006. He is no control over the series now.

25) In Sonic Advance 3, Sonic was surprised to see Amy. Again he was talking and he had a sweat drop. Once again he was teasing her. Amy even knows that he is just teasing her!

26) When you pair Sonic and Amy up together. The caption reads "A Lovely Couple." Why did it say that? HUH!?

27) In the ending of Sonic Advance 3, when Sonic wakes up. He is greeted by Tails, Amy and Cream. Amy of course hugs him and cries. Sonic gets a sweat drop and he puts his hand around Amy's head as she is hugging him!

28) In Sonic Riders, when you first encounter Amy. She winks at Sonic and he goes ew. Again teasing. You know he enjoyed that deep down inside!

29) In the ending of the Hero Story in Sonic Riders, Sonic was again teasing Amy. By making an excuse saying he "thought it would be okay with her. That she got sucked up along with Eggman." Sonic, Sonic your like a male version of Helga from Hey Arnold!

30) In Sonic 2006, this is where the hints become more and more common. After Sonic fights Silver, Silver gains the upper hand and is about to finish Sonic but Amy guards Sonic risking her life to save his. Sonic appreciates Amy saving him and lets him escape. Silver gets angry at Amy telling her that Sonic is responsible for destroying his world. Amy believes Sonic saying that he would never do that. Even if it were true. Amy will choose to believe in Sonic. That proves she is loyal to him and always believes in him.

31) In the Trials Of Solienna, there is a test called "Trial Of Love." Where you get to choose your love interest. Princess Elise or Amy? Right when it starts. They place you to face Amy on the right! Why did they place you there as the first choice? Also notice that Amy is on the right side of the screen and Elise is on the left? Amy is the right choice get it? Amy is on the right side of the screen and she is considered the right choice? Anyway, when you choose Amy. The man says this quote right here. "I see you have chosen your long time love." YOUR LONG TIME LOVE! Why did he say that? It must have been a typo. Here is video proof if you don't believe me?…Skip ahead to 8:18 to see the quote. Even if you chose Elise, you still pass no matter what and get an S Rank.

32) When Sonic was killed by Mephiles. Amy of course took it the hardest and cried more extensively than all the other characters.

33) Princess Elise has only been in one game while Amy has been around since the very beginning. Of course people were very pissed that Elise kissed Sonic instead of Amy. Some thought Sega supported bestiality. But they denied it. Remember once you beat the game. All the events got erased from the timeline. Meaning that Sonic never met Elise. So there Sonelise is not real.

34) In Sonic and the Secret Rings, there is a special booklet in game. In the first chapter is a history of Sonic games. In the Sonic CD page, it says "Meet Amy Rose, Sonic's ever-cheerful love interest." That is right! It actually said that!…

35) In Sonic Riders Zero Gravity, when the gang arrives at MeteorTech. They get attacked by robots. Sonic guards Amy more longer than he needed to. Amy's a big girl she can help herself but Sonic chose to still guard her.

36) In that same scene. Jet starts talking rudely to Amy demanding her to hand over the Ark of the Cosmos. Sonic's expression doesn't look very happy and he was pretty ticked that Jet was treating Amy like that. He says "Hold up a minute? Girls hate guys who rush them Jet!" Why did Sonic stand up for Amy like that? That is something a boyfriend who do to a girlfriend!

37) In Sonic Chronicles, you have the option of doing a romantic sub-plot with Amy. If done correctly, she will reveal that Dexter was all made up to make Sonic jealous and Sonic admits that he really cares for Amy. NO WAY IN HELL WOULD YOU BE ABLE TO DO THAT IF HE DIDN'T LIKE HER!

38) Now we are really starting to get somewhere. In Sonic Unleashed, Amy hugs Werehog Sonic and fails to recognize him thinking she got the wrong person (she really did get the right person.) She runs off and Sonic walks away bummed and depressed! This is one of the biggest hints out there. Why did this bother Sonic so bad? He would have been happy that she didn't recognize him! But instead he was really depressed. He even stuck his arm out as she was running away!

39) When you save Amy from the Dark Gaia. Sonic pulls a Spiderman! What I mean by this is he doesn't want Amy to think of him negatively and doesn't want her to see him as this scary evil looking thing. When Spiderman was in the Symbiote form, he didn't want Mary Jane to see him differently.

40) Amy STILL loved Sonic in Werehog form! She was willing to help Professor Pickle and Sonic. That right there is unconditional love. She was willing to sacrifice herself for Sonic in 06. She still believed in Sonic no matter what. She never gave up on him. She was ALWAYS LOYAL to him. Even when Sonic treated her badly. She STILL loved him. Many of you don't realize this but this proves that Amy is a very loving person. Sonic is extremely lucky to have a girl that would love him like that?

41) In the PS3/360 versions of Unleashed, sometimes when you give Chip food he will say this quote "Is there somebody you like Sonic? Is there?! There is! Who is it?!" Gee I wonder who that is? Hint hint.… Skip to 00:33 to see the quote.

42) Also in the PS3/360 versions. Near the end of the game before you fight the final boss. You have the option of taking Amy on a date where you can choose to say "That could be fun" or "I'll pass, thanks." Notice that "That could be fun" is the first choice and the top choice. No way would have the choice if Sonic didn't like Amy.…

43) In Sonic and the Black Knight, in the very beginning. Sonic is seen with two Chili Dogs while being sucked into the Arthurien world. He only eats one of them. Let me ask you something? Why would he have 2 chili dogs? You will find out why in the next few hints.

44) When Sonic meets the Nimue (Amy's counterpart in the game), the Lady of the Lake. He is unnerved at first but when he realizes Nimue doesn't recognize him. He starts flirting with her putting his arm around her and winking at her. This proves that he IS attracted to Amy's looks. Trust me, he would NOT be flirting with her if he didn't like Amy? For the full cutscene, click here:…

45) In the ending of Sonic and the Black Knight, Sonic was telling Amy all about what happened in the game. Amy tells him it was just an excuse for missing their date! That means that the 2 chili dogs from Hint 43 were meant for both of them! Sonic would have said no to a date if he didn't like Amy! Keep in mind this game was released 3 months after Sonic Unleashed and was the very next Sonic game released after Unleashed.

46) In Sonic Free Riders, once again Sonic is teasing Amy and her Team! How come he didn't act like this with Rouge or Wave? Because he doesn't have feelings for them!

47) In Sonic Generations, in the beginning with Sonic's party. When everyone surprises Sonic. Amy takes his hand to the table. While Sonic is talking to Tails, Amy is trying to hug Sonic but puts one hand out to hold her away. Once again, he is teasing her.

48) In the ending of Sonic Generations. When Amy smacks Knuckles against a tree for calling Sonic not "half-bad". Sonic looks at Classic Sonic then looks away being bashful and cracking a smile. Why did he do that if he didn't like her?

49) SPOILERS! In Sonic Lost World, (yes I have seen ALL the cutscenes). Sonic is friendly to Amy through this whole game. But one hint that he likes her is, when the world's energy was dying. So was Amy and Knuckles along with it. Amy called Sonic on the Miles Electric and told him it was too late. Sonic was panicked of course especially since he lost Tails earlier. Amy was about to tell Sonic she always loved him but the transmission cut off. Sonic's voice actually cracks when this happens. "AMY! KNUCKLES!" he shouts in panic. Later on, he tries to contact them again but he is saddened that he is all alone and sad music begins to play. Why did he feel this way if he doesn't like Amy?

50) MAJOR SPOILERS! In the ending of Sonic Lost World, when the energy is restored to the world. Knuckles is playing with the animals in the background while Amy is looking at a butterfly on a flower. Sonic says "Hey Amy! Look's like springtime's come early!" When Amy says "Thanks to you and Tails!" Sonic is looking at her the whole time and smiling! Why did Sonic talk to Amy FIRST? He could have talked to Knuckles. But chose to talk to her instead! Plus why was he staring at her the whole time smiling?

51) Okay now that I have covered the main games. Let's get into the spin-offs now? In the Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Game series. Mario and Sonic are rivals while Peach and Amy are rivals. Mario and Peach are love. Hint detected.

52) In Mario and Sonic at the Winter Olympic Games (DS Version only), in story mode. Toad calls Amy Sonic's "girlfriend." Why did he do that? Must have been a typo.

53) In Mario and Sonic at the London Olympic Games, there was a trivia question in the party mode. Many of you know what it is. Let me tell you something? This game is a spin-off the only things that really matter is what happens in the MAIN games not the spin-offs. Mario never existed in Sonic's world. And neither did Sonic exist in Mario's world. They also meant as in Sonic "fully" showing his love for Amy. Plus in this game, they even say this.… Why does it say that? Wanna-be girlfriend? Why does it even refer her at all as girlfriend? Again must be a typo?

54) Why is Amy the only female Sonic character in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing and Transformed? She IS the main girl in the Sonic series. Same thing with other Sega crossovers. Excluding Project X Zone (no Sonic characters were in that game.)

55) Why is there official art with Sonic and Amy together? That can't be possible if Sonic didn't like Amy?

56) Now were are gonna get into Sonic X episodes. Remember this show is not canon to the games but written by the same people at Sega and produced by TMS Entertainment. In episode 5, when Amy hugs Sonic the second time. Knuckles walks away smiling. Look at both Sonic and Amy before Chris says "Hey Knuckles!" Both of them are staring at eachother and smiling.

57) In episode 9, after Amy saves Sonic. She hugs him. After Eggman flies away, Sonic still puts his arms on Amy's shoulders. He didn't need to do this. He told her what she did was crazy. Amy says you make me do crazy things Sonic. Tails calls Sonic to make sure he is okay. Sonic thanks Tails for the ring. Sonic smiles at Amy thanking her and walking away happy. Amy shows him the bracelet. Sonic awes and is about to take the bracelet. But Eggman's robot knocks it out and destroys it. Amy cries and is enraged. Later smacks Eggman's flying chair away and falls into the ocean. Sonic is worried and jumps into the water to save her even though he can't swim! Sonic does save her. In the very last scene, Sonic is wearing the bracelet all fixed up. What would he go through all that trouble to fix it if he didn't like her?

58) In episode 20, no folks. Sonic was only lying to make Amy knock him back to land from the cruise. This is NOT a hint.

59) In episode 24 (seriously would is up with this episode's animation? It's crude LOL ), anyway in the beginning Sonic and Amy are at some sort of barn together. Why are they there by themselves? I thought Sonic didn't like Amy? When Sonic defeats Eggman's robot, Amy falls and Sonic holds her up close. Why was he smiling at Amy while he was doing this? Near the end of the episode they are at the barn again. Amy falls into the hay stack. Sonic gets some hay in his ear and Amy blows it out. You KNOW Sonic enjoyed that! He tells her that feels much better. Sonic and Amy stare and smile at eachother. In the Japanese version they are giggling! How can you NOT take this as a hint!?

60) In episode 28, Sonic was pretty pissed at the end when Alpha kidnapped Amy.

61) In episode 30, when Eggman held Amy's hammer to stop her from attacking Becoe and Decoe. Sonic suddenly appeared with Tails saying "Hey Eggman! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?" Just like in Zero Gravity, Sonic told up for Amy.

62) In the same episode, (this also happened in the Sonic Adventure). Sonic was about to finish Gamma off and Amy stood in the way. Sonic didn't believe her at first but Amy told him that it was Eggman making him bad and Gamma helped her earlier. Sonic trusts Amy. Saying she has her reasons in the game. While in Sonic X. He winked and gave her a thumbs saying "A friend of hers is a friend of his" only to get cut off.

63) In episode 35, Sonic was complementing Amy through out the cell scene. Even telling her that they don't have to go on a date because he said "What could be more fun than this!?" Sonic breaks free (why couldn't he just do that before?) When she breaks down the door with her hammer, Sonic says "Not bad Amy!"

64) In episode 42, why in sam hill did Sonic even accept a date with Amy at all!?

65) In episode 45, Sonic didn't want to fight Amy at all. Neither did she! Instead he save her when Eggman was about to fire a laser at Amy when she walks towards him saying she "understands."

66) In episode 52, this has the most hints. Amy was worried about Sonic the whole episode. She stay up all night worrying about him. When she saw a Super Sonic in the sky. She followed him. Gee I wonder why Sonic came to see Amy first out of EVERYONE! When Amy ran back to her house. Sonic stood there welcoming Amy. But Amy was out of breath and began crying and ranting about Sonic. As she is ranting Sonic (this is very hard to see because of the video quality) forms a tear in his right eye.… Skip to 3:26. It's very hard to see but it's there. Why is Sonic beginning to cry if he didn't like Amy? He lets her finish her rant he was smiling because she really loves him. She said she would still wait for him even if she is an old lady! Awwwww this is making me sad! (This is one of the reasons why I like her so much as a character.) Sonic gives her a rare white rose, a common sign of love at first sight. Amy asks Sonic if he really loves her or not? This part get muted due to the Shining Road OST. Many claim Sonic said "I love you Amy." While in the French version he says I love you Amy since always. Amy is overjoyed and hugs Sonic and Sonic hugs her back and giggles. Please note that this episode was originally intended to be the final episode.

67) Shining Road. The lyrics explain this
"Let's kiss quietly in secret
Like an old picture book we're unable to read
When the wind blows in the morning dew
The shining road will stretch on forever
Always" Also note that in the second ending of Sonic X. Sonic confronts Amy who is standing alone by a tree. They are the only two that appear in this ending. Hint Hint.

68) In episode 54, Sonic looks up at Amy and smiles putting his hand over his head.

69) In episode 56, Sonic tells Knuckles that he will have to go through him first over Amy guarding her.

70) In episode 65, near the end with Amy's party dress. You know this is Sonic's point of view right? He sees hearts around Amy as she is spinning in her dress. You know there weren't really any hearts around Amy right? This is Sonic's point of view. He is also staring at her.

71) In episode 75, Amy said that they will use their power of love only for Sonic to get a sweat drop and a smirk.

72) In the same episode, Amy didn't want Sonic to face the Meterex alone. Sonic said they he won't let them take over without a fight. And not to hurt Amy!

73) In episode 76, Amy dove into the belly of the beast and Sonic caught her. He was awing and staring at her while submerged underwater. The planet egg then surrounds them both sensing that they really do care for eachother and the help was needed the most. Again Sonic and Amy are holding eachothers hands and awing. They are freed thanks to the planet egg and everyone is happy.

74) In episode 77, when Sonic and Amy were flying at the Blue Typhoon. Sonic took the hit instead of Amy guarding her.

75) In Cosmos death scene. The Shining Road plays. Tails and Cosmo were in love. Revealing Sonic and Amy were in love as well. Japanese version only.

76) Okay now that were are done with Sonic X. It's time to point out a few things in Sonic games in general? Why does Eggman capture Amy so much? He could just go after Cream or Tails since they are younger. But he still insists on capturing her instead. He KNOWS Amy is Sonic's weakness. He even said in Sonic Adventure 2, "Then we can talk about your girlfriend!" Sonic doesn't even argue back or deny it.

77) Honestly why do Amy's descriptions in the games and manuals even call her stuff like "self pro-claimed girlfriend" or "wanna be girlfriend." Why does it even say girlfriend at all? It should just say "A girl who likes Sonic but he doesn't like her back."

78) When a boy teases and acts mean to a girl. That means he secretly likes her. Ever seen Hey Arnold!? Helga has a huge huge crush on Arnold secretly but when ever he is around she treats him mean and teases him. There was even an episode where Helga was teasing him even more than usual and Arnold asks Phil his grandpa about if he has even been teased by girls? Guess who teased Phil when he was a kid? Arnold's grandma Gertie "Pookie!" She teased him like Helga did to Arnold. They eventually warmed up and became married. Sonic and Amy may or may not get married. But Yuji Naka NEVER said he can't be in love with her or date her. Because remember he WAS supposed go on a date with Amy in Black Knight and episode 42 of Sonic X.

79) Why does Sonic's speech stutter and he sweats whenever he sees Amy? He come he doesn't act this way to other girls? Because he likes Amy!

80) A hint I forgot to mention back in the Unleashed section. During the Final Boss Fight, why does Werehog Sonic say "I know girls who are better with hammers then you!...well, one, anyways..." If Amy meant nothing to him? Why was he thinking about her?

81) It's very weird how Sonic is so fast and Amy manages to keep up with him? It's obvious he is not running at full speed.

82) In the Sega Master Tweet Theater video, there was a question asked "Does Sonic Love Amy?" The Sega of America employee, Aaron Webber answered "Well JBSmileIsmile, all we can really say for now is to sit tight and keep watching. Something might happen very soon! *wink*" No folks he was not being sarcastic. If he WAS being sarcastic he would have made a face and say it in an angry tone or disagreeing tone. And the wink would have been exaggerated. I have watched this over 50 times in a row and looked at him carefully. He was smiling was talking. He was also like this in the other questions. Plus I have seen other Sega of America videos that he is in. That is the way he talks normally. For the video click here:…

83) Now let's talk about other couples. "Shadamy" a relationship between Amy and Shadow the Hedgehog. Sorry to say this but its fan made only. Shadow doesn't even know Amy at all. The only time was he really interacted with her was the part where Amy convinced Shadow to save the world. That was it. Shadow had a very close bond with Maria Robotnik, Eggman's deceased cousin. Shadow was depressed ever since she was killed by GUN and sent away 50 years in a capsule. He was created by Gerald Robotnik as the Ultimate Life form. So yeah, Shadamy isn't real. Silver is also not a descendent of Shadow or Amy. He would have recognize them.

84) Sonaze, a relationship between Sonic and Blaze the Cat. Sorry folks it isn't real either. Sonic only met and talked to Blaze a few times and that was it. He knew Amy since they were much younger and Sonic never treated Blaze like he does to Amy.

85) Silvamy, Tailsamy and Knuxamy is also 100% fan made. They aren't real either.

86) Sonally. This only exists in Satam and Archie Comics. It's not part of the games or Sega or Sonic Team. Satam, Archie and all of DiC's cartoons are American produced spin-offs unrelated to the games. Sally was an original character created by DiC then was used infinitely by Archie like all the other Satam Originals. Satam along with other DiC cartoons are not part of Sega or Sonic Team. Satam was DiC's own original idea on Sonic not Sega's or Sonic Team's. Archie Comics burrowed the story and setting from Satam and used it for the comics with new characters both original and from the games. Archie is NOT canon to the games. It's a different universe and setting from the games. The comics even say this themselves in the beginning. Archie and DiC wrote Sally not Sega or Sonic Team. Sega ONLY licensed Sally. They didn't actually make her or write her. DiC and Archie only got permission from Sega to make Sonic cartoons and comics. Same thing with Fleetway. Sally and all of the Satam/Archie characters are not part of the games. They aren't canon and they don't exist in Sonic. They are all spin-offs that are American produced. Archie/Satam characters cannot be brought into the games because they aren't canon to the games and they aren't part of Sega's creations. So there. Archie characters being in Sonic games will never happen. Deal with it. Like I said before, only worry about what happens in the main games.

87) Sonouge is fan made only just like Shadamy, Silvamy, Tailsamy and Knuxamy.

88) Now we are gonna get into unofficial media. Remember the following hints are unofficial In the Simpsons episode, "That 90's Show" there is a scene where Homer tells Marge about celebrity role models. He points to a billboard with Sonic proposing to Amy. NOTE: Cannot show you the real video due to copyright violations from 20th Century Fox. But I will show you a screenshot…

89) In a stadium in Japan, a costumed Sonic and Amy are seen together. There is a picture but I can't remember where I found it. UPDATE! I FOUND IT!…

90) A strategy guide on Sonic CD, it says Sonic's new love interest. NOTE: It says Sally but Sega of America ONLY said that in the original release on the Sega CD just to tie with Satam that came out when this game came out. This was fixed later on in different ports in America and was changed to Amy. Sega of Europe called her Amy in all the ports.…

91) A love tester on the internet (forgot the name of it, tell me in the comments). If you type in Sonamy in this is the……

92) I don't know if this is true or not? But some people say that people who work at Sega support Sonamy? One person said that someone at Sega said that if Sonic were to marry Amy? The series would end. You know what that means? They support it! Why would the series end if Sonic marries Amy? That means that they have a happily ever after ending!

93) In the Disney Adventure Magazine in the March 2005 edition. There was a question why doesn't Sonic confess his love to Amy? They answered saying that he is interested but to shy to admit. However, people say Sega said this magazine is a lie. But I can't find any proof of them saying that? So yeah. You need to have proof of that.

94) Why do people even ask that question at all? Why doesn't Sonic admit he likes Amy? Because we KNOW he likes her! He just can't admit.

95) A few extra hints I found. In the Mario and Sonic at the Sochi Winter Olympics.… In the Figure Skating Pairs event, Sonic and Amy are shown as a demonstration before the event. When you play the event, Sonic is actually smiling the whole time. Even in the final skate move he is still smiling! During the victory animation, Sonic does smile at the end even thought Amy was startling him a bit. Okay? Why did they pick Sonic and Amy as a demonstration instead of Mario X Peach or Luigi X Daisy? I thought Sega doesn't support Sonamy? Not to mention that the boy and girl icons are blue and pink just like them! Why is this event even IN the game anyway? I sense something fishy.

96) I know this is just a board game but in Sonic the Hedgehog 3D Chess.… Rings are the Pawns, a Chaos Emerald is the Rook, Knuckles is the Knights, Tails is the Bishops, Amy is the Queen and Sonic is the King! Hahahahaha why is Amy the Queen and Sonic the King? Hahahaha

97) A Sonic Playing Card game.… Sonic is the King obviously and Amy is the Queen again!


1) Is Sonic a homosexual?
No! He is not! That is a lie. People actually have vandalized Sonic's article when I was still on the Sonic Wiki.

2) Why does Amy like Sonic?
Because she fell in love with him and followed him to Never Lake. She was kidnapped by Metal Sonic and ever since Sonic saved her. She being even more in love with him!

3) Sonelise canon? It's not. All the events were erased from 2006 meaning Sonic never met Elise.

4) Haters say Sonamy is pedophilia, is that true?
You do you guys not understand that it's ONLY pedophilia if Sonic was 18 or older while Amy is 12. Plus they are only 3 years apart (2 actually because in the original Japanese manual) Sonic was revealed to be 10 while Amy was 8 in her original appearance. You wanna know? It's really common in Japan for boyfriend and girlfriend to be 3 years apart. In fact, in Japan you can get married at 15!

5) People say Amy is a stalker is that true?
She is not a stalker. If you consider her a stalker? You might as well consider Tails, Knuckles, Shadow (not so much him) and even Eggman a stalker. They just so happen to be everywhere Sonic goes!

6) Is Amy Sally Acorn?
No Sega of America only said that in the Original Sonic CD manual release on Sega CD to tie in with Satam which came out the same time the game came out. This was fixed on later American ports. Europe and Japan called her Amy. While America only called her Sally in the manual the first time but fixed it in the later ports.

7) People say Sally was in Sonic CD?
No she was never programmed in the game. Read Answer #6

8) Is Sally or Sonally canon to the games?
NO. Sally never existed in the games. She isn't part of Sega or Sonic Team. Sally was only licensed by Sega. They didn't actually make her and write her. DiC did. Then Archie brought her into the comics. In other words, she is a spin-off character.

9) Haters say Sega says they hate Sonamy is that true?
100% FALSE. They don't hate Sonamy. They never said that. Don't believe those haters because they fail to provide a source or any kind of proof. Come on use your heads! Why would they even put IN Amy in the games if they hated Sonamy? If they hated Sonamy. You wouldn't be able to pick Amy in the Trial Of Love, go on that sub-plot in Chronicles, chose to go out with Amy in Unleashed and the plot of Black Knight would be different! There would EVEN be anything in Sonic X! That is obviously false! Don't listen to those haters. They just love to spread lies and post false information.

10) Haters of Amy say she doesn't deserve Sonic?
Biased completely biased. That is NOT A FACT. That is an opinion.

11) Haters say Amy is violent, is that true?
Biased again. And you don't think Shadow is violent who has a gun that kills people? Amy's Piko Piko Hammer is meant for slapstick comedy. It's not a violent realistic weapon like a gun.

12) Haters say that Amy has a bad temper, is this true?
No! Shadow, Knuckles and even Sonic have much worse tempers than Amy. God man, haters really need to stop with this already.

13) Haters tried to make an online petition to cease Amy's existence?
It's pretty sad those haters wasted god knows how much time to make that online petition. THEY NEVER WORK! Why do people even bother with those!? They won't get rid of Amy ever. She has been in Sonic for over 20 years! They will NEVER get rid of her.

14) Haters say that Sonic hates Amy?
He does not! She is a close friend of him just like Tails and Knuckles!

15) Haters say Amy is a bitch?
Haters, grow up will you?

==My Opinion on Sonamy and Amy in general==
I support Sonamy as you can tell? I support them because I am loyal to Sega and Sonic Team. I only go by what they do with Sonic. I only go by what the company that made Sonic does. I support Sonamy with everything I have. I know from the bottom of my heart that Sonic loves Amy. He just can't admit. Amy never gives up on Sonic no matter how she treats him. She is always loyal to him. Just like I am loyal to Sonic. I have been a Sonic fan since 1999. I still supported Sonic even in his darkest years. I defended Sonic like Amy would for him. I always believed in Sonic. I always knew even when I was much younger that Sonic loved Amy he just couldn't admit. Let me tell you something? Sonic is blessed to have someone like Amy! A girl that would love him with everything and do anything for him. Amy loves Sonic with everything. That is not fangirl love. She is willing to sacrifice her life for his. She is willing to go out of her way to comfort him (as shown in the ending of Sonic Adventure 2.) She always believes in him and never gives up on him! She even still loved him when he was a Werehog! He was still Sonic to her even in that form! That is unconditional love! Amy loves him and will always love him no matter what! That is the kind of girl Sonic needs! Someone that will always love him and take care of him! Many of you don't realize this but Amy is like Sonic in a way. She doesn't like boredom like him. She always wants to be on adventures just like Sonic. She is arguably even more energetic than him! All of these qualities: loyalty, love, positivity, compassion and emotional strength are the reason I love Amy so much. That is why I love her. Because she is a loving person and shows unconditional love towards Sonic. Sonic is the lucky guy to have her. I hope someday and pray that someday I will get a girl like Amy? I need someone like her. I don't mean looks like (it would be nice if she did look like Amy) but I want someone like her personality wise. I really need someone like her especially all the hardships I been through in my personal life and being a Christian. Being a Christian is the hardest thing there is. People are always attacking you and mocking you for believing in the savior. People dislike me because I don't do drugs, drink, party or break the law (my city is known for a high crime rate.) Like I have said this quote before "The Earthquakes aren't the real disaster, it's the crime that is the real disaster." I get a ton of Earthquakes where I live. I just want my own Amy that would love me? I would 100% love her back! I have been praying for someone like Amy to love me. I will continue to pray for someone like her.

==Message to Haters of Amy and Sonamy==
You people need to get lives. Hating will not get you anywhere in life! Your only hurting yourself! Let me tell you something? I used to be a hater of 9 Story's Arthur. I just hated it with a passion. I hated it because they butchered up the show with god awful flash animation, bad storylines and bad voice acting. I was just flamming and complaining non stop! I got banned from the Arthur wiki for a little while because of this. I realized how foolish I have become and accepted the fact that it's not gonna change. I dealt with it and let it go. I feel like a complete idiot for hating on it. I learned my lesson and I never do something that stupid again. Anyway, why do you guys let it bother you that bad? Just deal with it! Millions and millions of Sonic fans love Sonamy and so do I! Even The Game Grumps on YouTube supports Sonamy! This was shown in their walkthrough of Sonic 06. They even like Amy as a character! Sega and Sonic Team throws in all these hints because they know their fans love Sonamy. Again don't know if this is true or not? But people who work at Sega support Sonamy. Yuji Naka only said he thinks Sonic not likely to get married to Amy. That was it. He never said he can't be in love with her or date her. Keep in mind that he left Sega in 2006 and has no control over what happens now in Sonic. According to another user (I will not reveal who it is), Yuji Naka said a second quote saying that the most likely couple to happen is Sonamy. If I do find this source? I will update the list. Back on topic. Amy haters often say she doesn't deserve Sonic, she is a "bitch", she is a rapist, etc. You know what? Amy REALLY LOVES Sonic with everything in her! She never gives up on him, she loves him with all her heart, she is willing to do anything for him, she is always loyal to him, she is willing to sacrifice her life for his, she still loves him no matter what he looks like and she always has faith in him! You people I am sorry say this but you guys are cold-hearted! You gonna hate on someone for loving them with all their heart? Really!? Do you guys have no morals at all? Your lucky Amy still loves Sonic at all! You know what? If you let this character bother you that bad? You are insane. You need help seriously. Hating on stuff makes you look like your crazy and accept and let things go. Amy is NEVER gonna leave the Sonic series. You haters just wasted god knows how much time making that online petition. You seriously think Sega is gonna listen to internet haters? Oh my god. You are crazy. You seriously need help. Psychologist, Psychiatrist, Xerox, a beer something! You guys are the reason why people dislike the Sonic fanbase. Because you can't let things go and obsess hatred over characters! Here's what you need to do? Get off the computer and get a life. Your only embarrassing yourself in front of other people.

Sonamy is love sonamy is life. so I hope you under stand
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